Man facing away from the camera with cap and gown at graduation

At CommunityForward, we are committed to supporting our veterans and military families. With the help of TISTA Science and Technology Corporation (TISTA), we’ve been humbled to sponsor the University of Maryland, Global Campus’ (UMGC) Pillars of Strength Scholarship Program for the last 3 years.

The Pillars of Strength recipients are caregivers of wounded warriors who are seeking to receive a 4-year degree from UMGC. This program empowers the caregiver of wounded warriors and makes a lasting impact on the household through education, opportunity, and financial opportunity.

TISTA and CommunityForward are also engaged in the University of Maryland Global Campus’ Entrepreneur Program, and in 2022 will engage entrepreneurial students to identify mentor/protégé opportunities. The prospect of supporting an entrepreneur, similar to our Founder, President and US Navy Veteran, Ahmedur Ali is greatly aligned with our history and passions.

CommunityForward is grateful for the opportunity to support the dreams of students and entrepreneurs. Innovation, new ideas, and the spark that can make a difference in our communities align greatly with our culture and values.

If you want to learn more about the work CommunityForward is doing to support our future, click here.