Human Trafficking, the trade of humans for the purposes of forced or coerced labor or actions, is a global public health issue. Housing is vital to supporting survivors in their recovery and journey to move forward. CommunityForward collaborates with our community partners in supporting survivors with assistance and support, so they can focus on recovery, pursuing education, and building careers.

CommunityForward is committed to stopping human trafficking and is actively collaborating with community partners to assist survivors in recovering and rebuilding their lives. To have a sustainable and long-term effect, we focus on housing, rental assistance, education, and job development with the support and empowerment of TISTA Science and Technology Corporation.

Support for Survivors

CommunityForward is thrilled to partner with the UMD SAFE Center in providing the Center’s survivors with VISA gift cards for groceries and family essentials. CommunityForward and the SAFE Center for Human Trafficking Survivors began working together in December 2019, when TISTA Science and Technology employees, met to provide the SAFE Center with resources, including their critical need for survivors, such as care bags, comfortable clothing, and overnight toiletries.

Laptop Donation for Human Trafficking Survivors at UMD SAFE Center

With the support of TISTA Science and Technology, CommunityForward has been donating laptops to UMD SAFE Center every year since 2021. The laptops are donated to support and help human trafficking survivors. CommunityForward believes in making a difference – one person at a time, and the donations of the laptops has given the tools to the survivors who continue to need support to bridge the digital gap divide.

Educational Support and Employment for Survivors

We are working with the University of Maryland SAFE Center on a longer-term investment in the Center’s new “Housing + Education” program, designed to help create more self-sustaining lives for survivors through financial assistance for safe housing and educational pursuits. This start-up initiative is modeled on the SAFE Center’s “Housing + Employment” program, which recently received a nearly $500,000/three-year grant from the US Department of Justice’s Office for Victims of Crime. While these grants are providing housing for survivors, CommunityForward is support multiple survivors with financial assistance for their educational pursuits. We are also working to create job training and placement opportunities through corporate internships.

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End Homelessness

Housing and rental assistance to veterans and survivors of human trafficking.

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Services and resources to solve challenges with mental health, food insecurity and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Mentoring, scholarships, and job placements for the underserved to remove barriers and create opportunities.

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